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Forget Christmas past – The Futur is here!

Forget Christmas past – The Futur is here!

Here at the Valet London we are proud to be able to offer a decent selection of Merkur Futur razors and shaving sets for our Christmas shoppers this year! Call the shop to place your order whilst limited stock lasts. I can tell you these little gems are nationally very low on the ground.

Why not take a look at some of our Christmas Hampers that we can have ready for you to collect in store.

All items are typical to what you would ordinarily find on Jermyn Street in the West End of London, and so we like to think we have an exclusive offering by bringing one of the most infamous Gents shopping streets to our small vintage store in Croydon.

The Merkur Futur Razor is probably the best razor currently on the market.

Merkur Futur RazorI have been using the Merkur Futur safety razor for over 2 years now and can safely say that I won’t be switching back anytime soon! The Merkur Futur is a regular double edge, safety razor but has a contemporary design for the modern man which incorporates an extremely innovative 6 point grading system. The weight alone speaks for itself and it is built to last the test of time in your bathroom. There is no ‘tug and pull’ resistance and no clogging of hair. More importantly, the razor head is designed so that the blade is always held in a position that’s at the perfect angle for a close yet safe shave, so you don’t damage your skin when shaving.

The cutting edge – quite literally!

With a double edge safety razor you can achieve the optimum smooth shave, unlike cartridge razors, that can sometimes force you to shave in an incorrect pattern, hence keeping bad shaving techniques at bay. Reduce those in-grown hairs, get rid of the red rash on your throat under your jaw line and improve the appearance of your skin by changing the tools with which you shave. Stop wasting hundreds of pounds a year on overpriced cartridge replacements when you can achieve a better shave at a fraction of the price.

Did you know a pack of 5 Wilkinson Sword, double edge blades cost £1.50 and each blade is good for up to 6 shaves? So that’s thirty shaves for a minimal outlay. After only a few months you will start to save money and definitely improve the condition of your skin.

Introducing the 6-point Merkur Futur System

Merkur Futur RazorThe Merkur Futur chrome safety razor incorporates a finely tuned, adjustable 6-point system – the Merkur Futur System – for the closest shave possible with a quality cream. Grade 1 provides a gentler shave for normal to sensitive skin and is the best grade to start with as less of the blade is exposed. Setting 6 provides a more tailored, freestyle shave exposing more of the blade, and hence similar to using an open razor, but in a safety form.

Manufactured in Solingen, Germany, this traditional safety razor will provide a close, sensitive shave, the equivalent of an open razor shave, but in complete safety. This baby is the ‘Daddy of all razors’ and its built to last a lifetime – the weight speaks for itself! The razor comes in a smart tin box with operating instructions and 10 Merkur super platinum blades. We recommend Coats Limited Edition shaving cream with this razor.

Merkur Futur Razor Set DetailMerkur Futur safety chrome razor – £64.95
Futur Chrome and Crystal shaving set (shown left) – £184.95

For a free consultation and advice on traditional shaving methods, contact our store to make an appointment to see David.

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