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Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

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Hair Services at The Valet London

With a balanced team that focuses on Old School Barbering & Modern trends, we cater for both Classic & Contemporary styling. Gone are the days when you’d have to be selective between a Barbershop and a Hair Salon. Here you get it all under one roof but with the added benefit of being in a totally masculine environment.

Men's buzz cat & fade haircut at The Valet Barber & Shop, Croydon, South London

The Buzz & Fade

The Buzz and fade, a clipper cut ranging from high to low grades, blending as low as a zero to a bold fade. Neatly blended around the back and sides, and usually finished of with a natural hair line. Includes the removal of ear and nasal hair, an application of hair tonic, and of course a traditional talc down to the back and neck. Why not add a wash &  hot towel scalp treatment with this service.

Mens Esquire Haircut at The Valet Barber & Shop, Croydon, South London

The Esquire

The Esquire, a cut covering a selection of contemporary and retro styles that require traditional barber and modern cutting techniques. With the latest fashion and retro styles, texture, detail and good tapered finish are all important factors for creating the right finish, and with a well balanced skilled team  that’s able to adapt and cross over techniques, is really what makes the difference. The cut is styled and completed with hair clay or a light cream pomade, depending on texture. The Esquire can be taken with a wash & hot towel scalp treatment and blow dry.

Mens restyle haircut at The Valet Barber & Shop, Croydon, South London

The GQ Restyle

The GQ Restyle, if you want a complete change to your current style for a choice of contemporary or retro finishes, then look no further. From long to short or just a complete change in style, then this is the service for you. Want to go from a shorter to longer style, then we’ll work with you over a period of seasons to sculpt and train your hair to grow into the style you desire, but without you having to put up with an unkempt look during the interim. With a team of fashion, retro and classic Barbers, you’re able to achieve the style in complete confidence. The service is completed with hair clay or a light cream pomade, depending on texture, and also includes a wash & hot towel scalp treatment and blow dry.

Mens perm haircut at The Valet Barber & Shop, Croydon, South London

Boy Meets Curl

There are various types of perm to consider depending on the style you are looking to achieve, and here at the Valet we offer a completely free consultation. We are also one in a minority of men’s hairdressers & barbershops that offer this service professionally. There are men’s perms for medium and long length hair. A medium-length, tightly coiled hair perm for men will conclude in a natural and adventurous-looking wild style. In general we can offer perms matched up with a dense beard, highlighted curls, a wavy perm, a loose perm, curly hair perm, short hair perm. All of the above can be incorporated with a skin fade at the sides.

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Year on year we continue to improve our standards

Our Master Barbers

Rest assured you’re in the right hands with a team of Master Barbers and Colour Experts


Barber Mags

Master BarberRestyle & Colour Artist

With over 25 years in the trade, Mags enjoys working on restyles and colouring.

Hair by Mags
Beards by Mags

Barber Sam

Master Barber
Retro Artist

Boasting a massive portfolio of Retro cuts, Sam's portfolio just keeps growing.

Hair by Sam
Beards by Sam

Barber Luanna


Specialising in short & long hair restyles and also beard trimming and styling.

Hair by Luanna
Beards by Luanna

Barber George

Master Barber
Designer Restylist

Specialising in short and long hair restyles, shaving and beard trimming and styling.

Hair by George
Beards by George