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Baxter of California

Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

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The Ultimate Shaving Guide at The Valet London

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Proraso Products at The Valet London



At the Valet London we’re serious about beards and, with dedicated efforts to provide a comprehensive Beard Styling service, we’ve got ourselves on the map for Beard Styling in London. It’s more than just a beard trim at the Valet London.

  • The Lumberjack Beard Trim£21.50/mo
    • For that designer stubble look, try our precision beard shape & trim which is finished with a sandalwood oil to fully condition, revitalise and remove any itchiness. This leaves the beard feeling cleansed with a healthy looking shine. includes one scented hot towel cleanse. (Note this beard service is for short beards up to a number grade 3 only)


  • The Captain’s Valet Beard Trim£25.00/mo
    • Our classic beard trim with the use of trimmers and scissors to achieve the desired shape. The neck and beard lines are cleaned up with a detailer to remove all stubble for an extra clean finish. The beard is then cleansed with a hot towel, an application of menthol balm and our famious Bleu Noir beard oil, just to add an extra healthy shine. Note, no steam is included with this treatment.
    • Treatment time (25 minutes)


  • The Captain’s Valet Deluxe Beard Trim£38.50/mo
    • A captain’s Valet deluxe is a beard trim and shape to include the use of scissors and trimmers to achieve the desired length and shape. We will then enrich the beard in a geranium gel to soften and cleanse, aided by the use of our steam machines. This services is completed with 2 hot towels, a cold blow dry, moisturiser and our famous Bleu Noir beard oil.
    • Treatment time (35 minutes)


  • The Arctic Explorer - 24 Carrot Gold£55.00/mo
    • This treatment is designed for those who take their beards very seriously. The service provides tapering the beard for shape, without necessarily removing much length. The process requires skill with both clippers and the use of scissors. Once trimmed and shaped the beard is then soaked in a geranium gel, followed by a hot towel to soften & cleanse, whilst wait for it, the face is then rapped with our 24 carrot cold face mask to fully hydrate the skin. This is left on for 10 minutes to enrich the skin with nutrients. The use of a facial steamer and hot towels help rid the beard of grease and dirt to further open the follicle for deep cleansing. before a final hot towel our famous Bleu Noir beard oil is worked into the beard whilst applying a cold blow dry and a comb through to style and set with some balm and moisturiser. The treatment includes an open razor neck and cheek clean up (where needed) This service carries a total of 2 hot towels with lots of steam.  (This is a beard grooming at its very best)
    • Treatment time (50 minutes)