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Baxter of California

Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

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We pride ourselves on our hot towel treatments, and so consider the shave an integral part of our service offering.

With key stage processes that have been formulated to include the use of some of the finest shaving products and equipment on today’s market, along with a three tier service offering, you’ll find the experience & quality hard matched.

The Classic

We have now shelved this service. After years of understanding what the key ingredients of completing a good close shave without irritation are, we’ve decided the only method is the deluxe method. For hot towel shaves see the Deluxe hot towel service.

The Deluxe

The Deluxe process includes an application of menthol & eucalyptus pre-cream, followed by a generous hot lather, 1 hot hot towel wrap and a geranium gel face massage that’s applied with a continuous flow of steam to fully cleanse & replenish your skin after the shave. The face is then cleansed with 1 final hot towel before applying a soothing post balm mosituriser. This service carries a total of 2 hot towels with steam.

The Californian

The process of our deluxe shave is adopted, followed by a constant flow of steam to the face, allowing the pores to fully open before lightly exfoliating the skin. Cleansing continues with the use of warm sponges before lightly brushing on a deep sea mineral face mask to the t-zone area only – which is later removed with 1 final hot towel and an alcohol free mint toner. On completion a soothing Tea Tree and cooling menthol post balm is applied to renew, calm, and condition the skin. The Californian is carried out with the use of Baxter of Californian products. This service carries a total of 2 hot towels with steam.

The Kojak

A head shave not to be reckoned with. The process includes a menthol & eucalyptus pre-cream application and hot towel wrap, followed by a generous hot lather before shaving the head clean. Finished with an application of matt or gloss head lube for some extra conditioning and protection.

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    The Key Process

    Our key processes guarantee essential preparation which results an irritable free and calming shave.

  • 02

    Product Satisfaction

    Our formula is backed by the use of quality shaving products to guarantee benefiting results and a truly enjoyable experience.

  • 03

    Hygiene and Equipment

    The use of quality shaving tools and sanitary equipment reflects safety and hygiene is at the forefront of our game.

  • 04

    Customer Satisfaction

    With well thought-out formulas and a quality service offering - our clients can leave with a sense of true satisfaction.


Year on year we continue to improve our standards


Rest assured your face is in safe hands


Barber Mags

Master Barber & Colour Expert

With over 30 years in the trade, Mags enjoys working on beard re-designing and longer beard restyles.


Barber Sam

Master Barber

Loves a close shave, and has a real steady hand for the job.


Barber Jo


No fear to shave and has a great touch.


Barber George


With years of a master barber title under his belt, there's no stubble to tough enough for him to clean shave.

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