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Baxter of California

Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

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The Ultimate Shaving Guide at The Valet London

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Proraso Products at The Valet London



Grooming packages designed to provide a complete Barbershop experience. Includes a wash cut & style, followed by one of our famous hot towel shaves.

  • The Arctic Signature£85.00/mo
    • The Arctic Signature package includes an Esquire wash and cut followed by our King of Beards full shape and conditioning treatment. The beard is first trimmed and shaped with scissors to achieve the desired shape and length. The cheek and the neck line it fully cleaned, before applying some geranium lotion to the beard to fully cleanse, and this is aided with a constant flow of steam and 1 hot towel. Wait there we’re not finished. You will also receive a 24 carat gold face mask to fully hydrate the skin, a further hot towel is applied for further cleansing. The service is then completed with a cold blow dry, some moisturiser and an application of our famous Bleu Noir beard oil. This package carries a total of 2 hot towels and steam.
    • Treatment time (80 mins)


  • The Deluxe Signature£65.00/mo
    • The Deluxe Signature includes an Esquire cut with a wash & scalp massage followed by a deluxe hot towel shave to include an application of menthol & eucalyptus pre-cream and generous hot lathers, 1 hot towel face wrap, and a geranium gel massage that’s applied with continuous steam to cleanse & replenish the skin post the shave. The mask is then removed with a final hot towel, followed by an application of soothing post balm and mosituriser, before being seated up for a blow dry and style – We of course finish you off with a splash of Valet cologne. This services carries a total of 2 hot towels.
    • Treatment time (60 mins)


  • The Californian Signature£95.00/mo
    • The Californian Signature includes the Esquire  wash cut & scalp massage followed by a Californian Hot Towel Shave, the process of which is adopted from our deluxe hot towel, that includes a constant flow of steam and geranium, allowing the pores to fully open before lightly exfoliating the skin. Cleansing continues with the use of warm sponges before lightly brushing on a deep sea mineral face mask to the t-zone, which is later removed with a hot towel and an alcohol free mint toner. On completion, a soothing Tea Tree and cooling menthol post balm is applied to renew, calm, and condition the skin. You will then be seated in the upright position for a blow dry and style – whilst not forgetting a final  splash of Valet cologne. The Californian Signature is carried out with the use of Baxter of Californian products (only) and carries a total of 2 hot towels.
    • Treatment time (80 mins)