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Baxter of California

Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

Ultimate shaving guide

The Ultimate Shaving Guide at The Valet London

Real Italian shave

Proraso Products at The Valet London



What we’re probably most famous for, a selection of well processed and formulated hot towel treatments designed to satisfy.

  • The Classic£22.50
    • The Valet classic hot towel is where all of our famous hot towel treatments originate. This classic shave includes two hot lemon cologne-scented towels, a pre-shave undercoat and two hot generous lathers of Proraso’s menthol & eucalyptus shave cream. The face is swathed in hot towels before healthy coats of cream are brushed in, to perfect a classic open razor shave. Finished with a post-shave balm and a splash of fine cologne.


  • The Deluxe£32.50
    • This begins with our classic Hot Towel Shave of two hot lathers, two hot towels & the famous eucalyptus and menthol based undercoat, followed by a facial steam & an application of cool Geranium gel brushed onto the face, and topped off with a sauna heated towel wrap to fully cleanse the face. The Geranium gel sets into the pores and the sauna heated wrapped towels & steam aids the face to build up a sweat & release any impurities from the skin. A close clean shave with lots of hot lathers and a facial cleanse. Includes a total of 3 hot towels & plenty of steam.


  • The Californian£48.50
    • A Hot Towel Shave with plenty of towels and copious lathers, using only the infamous Baxter of California facial products. After a close shave, the face is then prepared with an Aloe & Cucumber cleanser & purified steam to open the pores & provide a deep cleanse. A light almond and walnut scrub is applied to the T-zone, followed by a Bentonite clay mask that’s gently brushed onto the skin, allowing to penetrate for 15 minutes before being removed with more steam, hot towels & a mint toner. Finished off with an after balm and an oil free moisturiser to fully replenish the skin. Includes a total of five hot towels & shed loads of steam.
    • 55 minutes, so lay back, drift off, and we’ll do the rest.


  • The Kojak Head Shave£21.00
    • An open razor head shave that includes a hot towel, a pre-cream undercoat and two hot lathers of eucalyptus & menthol shaving cream. Finished with a gloss or matt head lube to give protection and provide the head with extra definition. Comes with a lollipop ‘Who loves ya baby!’.