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Creating a great team takes time, but we’re pleased to say we’ve definitely  cracked it. At the Valet London you’ll find a team of independent Master Barbers that have been carefully trained to advance their skills and to provide some of the highest standards of work you will find the industry has to offer, and a house that’s able to deliver great customer care, and with this comes a team, “to shout loud and be proud”.


David (Dr Beard)

Shaving. Beard and Product Expert

After assisting with the development of the business, David has since mastered the art of wet shaving and beard grooming, of which he say's he now likes to includes as one of his many hobbies. With an ever increasing portfolio of client's, he's also built a sound reputation in London as being the Beard Master, and together with the extensive knowledge he holds with the world of male grooming products, he's able to give you valuable advise on most brands. You can book a one to one session with David for a private wet shaving lesson or alternatively you can book a beard grooming or wet shaving appointment. Note David works by appointment only.

David's Portfolio

Mags the Barber

Master Barber & Restyle Artist

With 25 years in the hair industry Mags has concentrated over the past 15 years on men's hair only. With a great mix of cutting skills developed as a stylist and barber, she's able to adapt to any style requirement, and with this, produces some amazing work. As with every creative artist they have a particular area of passion, and for Mags she loves working on a re-style, which brings out her creative flair. By no small note, one of the floor's most experienced Barbers. Appointments are advisable.

Mag's Portfolio

Sam the Barber

Master Barber & Retro Artist

With over 10 years in the industry, Sam has advanced and developed his skills as a Barber to that of any Master Barber status and more. Having been trained initially by the old school, he developed skills for wet shaving at a very young age and now holds the ranks as being one of the Valet's top shaving technicians. Sam has a particular flair for old school retro styling and with his classic barbering skills he's able to produce some of the finest work London has to offer, a true reflection on his ever increasing portfolio of clients. Due his high demand appointments are definitely advisable.

Sam's Portfolio

Jo the Barber

Barber & Stylist

With over 15 years experience Jo has gone from strength to strength as a Barber. Originally from the North of England Jo moved to London to complete her training, where she continued to work in the West End over the years, but more recently decided to settle here at the Valet. She is a creative and skillful Barber who is able to tackle both long and short hair. She has further adapted her skills at the Valet to provide Beard grooming, Hot towel Shaves, and Facials. Overall a good peoples person with a bubbly and interesting character, which clearly reflects her increasing client portfolio.


Tony the Barber

Master Barber - in the true sense

The floors most veteran Barber. Having worked for most of his career in the West End of London with some big names, he later finished up with his own Barbershop in Queens Park. Tony now spends a few days a week at the Valet mentoring other Barbers. His particular area of expertise is old school classic styling, and as one of the original Barbers from Carnaby Street in the 1960's, there's certainly no retro cut you can tell him about. Yes he's been round the block a few times, a true legend, and we love him.


Finley our Bus Boy

Bus Boy and Hot Towel Maker

Currently a GCSE student. With a love for flying Finley's aim is to become a Pilot for his future career. He was recently selected for the 2018 Wimbledon Tennis Championships as ball boy, a great accomplishment, Finley is also a keen golfer. With a passion for sport this enables him to talk sport in the shop. Barber assistant and hot towel maker who loves the Barbershop vibe, he can talk for England!


Joseph our Bus Boy

Head Junior

Joseph currently a GCSE student. With a passion for Martial Arts he hopes to eventually join the Royal Marines. Current World, European, London and Naga BJJ Champion 2018 for his weight and division, regularly trains hard throughout the week. He enjoys working at the Valet and loves soaking up the manly banter. He makes a great cappuccino, just ask!