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Baxter of California

Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

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At the Valet there’s no fuss about having to go off to a private treatment room for a facial, you can get it done right in our Barbershop. That’s right, the Master Barbers on hand are fully trained to provide deep cleansing facials, so why not bolt this on to your Haircut or Hot Towel shave whilst you’re in for the experience.

The Product

Guaranteed results are achieved with a well thought-out facial formula and the use of Baxter of California products, namely the Californian Facial at the Valet. Baxter of California is arguably the original, modern-day male grooming system. Conceived in Beverley Hills in the 1960′s, the brand has gained a loyal global following and a solid reputation for quality. Their secret is continual innovation, epitomised recently by a complete reinvention and re-launch of the brand, using state-of-the-art packaging and improved formulations that combine the trusted traditions of science with the finest natural ingredients.

24 Carat Gold Facial

This 24 carat gold hydrating facial incorporates the use of purified steam, a botanical cleanser, a 24 carat gold facial mask, hot towels, toner and a moisturiser. The face is first steamed to open the pores & prepared with a cleanser to provide a deep clean. A hot towel is applied to remove any excess. Our 24 carat gold face mask is applied and left for 15 minutes. The mask is then removed and we finish off with a facial massage with a botanical oil free moisturiser to fully replenish the skin. The service carries a total of 1 hot towel & plenty of steamy warm cleansing. Leaves the face feeling totally revitalised and hydrated.

The Valet Face Lift

Incorporates the use of purified steam, cleanser, a cool gel mask, hot towels, toner and a moisturiser. The face is first steamed to open the pores and prepared with a cleanser to provide a deep clean. A light cool gel containing Collagen & essential oils of lavender is gently brushed onto the skin and allowed to set as a facial mask for 15 minutes, before being removed with more steam, warm sponges, hot towels and a toner. The treatment is completed with a collagen moisturiser to replenish the skin. Includes a total of two hot towels and plenty of steamy warm cleansing. Leaves the face feeling younger than before, slightly tightens the skin to lift away those dreaded lines.

The Californian Deep Cleanse

This is our top tier facial treatment and begins with a light steam pumped onto the face with a Aloe and Cucumber face wash, massaged in with use of fingers tips and warm sponges. A facial scrub of Almonds and Walnut powder is applied, followed by a Bentonite clay mineral face mask, a Herbal Mint Toner and an Oil free moisturiser. This facial includes plenty of a steam, 3 hot towels, warm sponges and lots of massage (carrying the use of Baxter of California facial products). It’s the Daddy of Barbershop facials, which makes this the Valet of London’s signature facial treatment.

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    Process Guarantee

    Our key processes guarantee essential preparation and time to achieves results.

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    Product Guarantee

    Our formula is backed by the use of quality products to guarantee benefiting results with a truly enjoyable experience.

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    Guaranteed Hygiene

    Our use of quality equipment reflects that hygiene and safety are at the forefront of our game.

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    Guaranteed Satisfaction

    A well thought-out service model, results in satisfied customers.


Year on year we continue to improve our standards


Rest assured a skilled team of Master Barbers will get your face looking clean and youthful.


Barber Mags

Master Barber & Colour Expert

With over 25 years in the trade, Mags enjoys working on Restyles.


Barber Sam

Master Barber

Boasting a massive portfolio of Retro cuts, Sam's portfolio keeps growing.


Barber Jo


Specialising in short and long hair restyles.


Barber George


Specialising in short and long hair restyles.

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