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Will barbershops close down our pubs?

London Pub entrance

Will barbershops close down our pubs?

What makes us stand out from the crowd? 

How many guys are taking the pandemic seriously?, How important are Covid safe guidelines to most clients? Are men bothered about Covid when visiting their Barbers? Why are most of our clients comfortable visiting our shop? What changes have we implemented since re-opening?

As we start to see a second wave of increasing Covid infection in London, it’s all the more reason to play things extra safe in our day to day activities.

In their last announcement, the Government introduced a 3 tier system in the UK to help us all understand and maintain infection rates from spiralling out of control again. As of the date of this post, the London Borough of Croydon is currently set in tier 2, and as such is considered high risk, which is all the more reason for us all to maintain a sensible attitude and considerate approach with our day-to-day routines.

We know that the industries that will suffer most from a second lockdown will primarily be the hospitality sector, due to the social distancing requirements and the number of people that tend to gather in such environments. Along with hospitality will also be ‘Close contact’ businesses such as Barbershops, Hairdressers, and Beauty salons. Essential retail will be allowed to remain open.

As you will recall with the previous lockdown, the last of the high street businesses that were allowed to re-open on the 4th of July, were Pubs, Restaurants, and Hairdressers. So if we happen to enter tier 3 within the borough, it is very likely that we will have to once again close our doors for the second time this year. For how long we won’t know!

Why is it so important to follow the guidance, select the right establishment to ensure the R number is kept under wraps in our London borough?

Most of us guys love a pint down the pub, a decent meal out once or twice a week, and being able to pop down to the barbershop for a fresh hair cut and beard trim when required. So why are some of us taking this all for granted, ignoring the guidelines and acting irresponsibly – it just doesn’t make sense!

What we find frustrating in our industry, is that while most professional salons are implementing and maintaining the guidelines sensibly, there are still a huge number of penny Barbershops on our high streets that are clearly playing ignorant or sticking two fingers up at the rest of us. How many times have I witnessed Barbershops this week operating with no PPE whilst tending to a client and also allowing clients to enter the shop and have a haircut without wearing a mask, and additionally with no proper social distancing areas set up for waiting clients?

With all of these necessary practices being ignored, do we even need to question the level of general hygiene that’s being practiced? So my point here guys, is come on; “When choosing where to get your hair cut, think sensibly”. Think of all the other social experiences that you enjoy having that are likely to be closed down as a result of bad practice by rogue traders contributing to the rise of infection levels, not forgetting that you may even infect your Granny & Grandad.

That’s right! What I’m saying is that rogue high street traders are potentially contributing to the closing of your favourite restaurant or local boozer. “Do we want another lockdown?” No we don’t. So the next time you’re down your local high street, support the businesses that are actually investing money and resources in keeping you and the community safe, as there’s absolutely no room for error or rogue traders on our high streets in the current climate.

So what sets us apart from the rest of the crowd?

Since the original easing of lockdown, we’ve personally witnessed a wide range of attitudes from the public regarding social distancing and PPE, but ultimately it is our responsibility as a business in the community and the public sector to ensure that all our customers are kept safe and made to feel that they are in a safe environment when visiting our Barbershop. For those of you with a more laid back attitude towards the pandemic, I’m afraid there’s no room for you at our inn.

When you visit us you will notice the lengths that we have gone to protect you and our staff. Our premises are now accessed via a video entry system and we run bookings strictly by appointment only. Access will not be permitted without previously booking an appointment. Our staff wear full PPE, donning both a mask and visor at all times, as well as gloves for any facial treatments. Your temperature is taken and the door and sanitiser and face masks are provided to you on entry. You are protected with a disposable under cape when you get in your barber chair and hot drinks are now served in disposable takeaway cups. Barber station and equipment is disinfected on every changeover.


  • Bookings strictly by appointment
  • Doors remain closed, access via intercom only
  • Bookings via online, telephone or email
  • Consultations via Facetime or WhatsApp
  • Hand santiser provided on arrival
  • Maximum of two waiting clients
  • Payments online or contactless
  • Barbers to wear PPE (visor & mask)
  • Equipment & stations disinfected on changeover
  • Walk-in appointments not permitted
  • Shaking of hands and client socialising not permitted
  • 2 metre personal distance to be maintained
  • Removal of shop magazines & newspapers
  • No partner or family waiting
  • Controlled use of toilet facilities


  • Now offering hot beverages in takeaway cups
  • Deluxe facial treatments are now back on the menu
  • Washing of hair is now back on the menu
  • Hot towel shaves are now back on the menu
  • Increased appointment times
  • Deep cleansing facial now back on the menu
  • Video consultations
  • Hair colour now back on the menu

We suggest online payments and gift cards

Online payments and gift cards are still available through your online booking account. All online deposits and gift cards will automatically be assigned to your client account. You will also be able to log in to your online account to book an appointment and pay for your service upfront. This will aid social distancing as when you have finished your appointment you can just leave the shop without needing to come into contact with our reception staff.

If you don’t already have an online account you can tap/click the button below. All you need to do is enter an email address and create a password.

Don’t get caught with bad hair in the event of a 2nd lockdown? Secure your chair now!

Make good use of our online booking app…

Considering a Restyle? Book the right service…

We know many of you have grown out your hair during the lockdown and following months and are liking the length which has created an opportunity for a new style.

We are offering free consultations via Facetime or WhatsApp so you can let your barber know what your requirements will be prior to your appointment. This will also allow us to properly allocate the correct appointment length for you. Please note that a re-style appointment will be booked for 50 – 60 minutes.

If you think you might be considering a restyle and are planning on booking your next appointment online, then please be sure to book the correct service by selecting the Re-style option and not the Esquire option, as this will only cause further delays for other customers and will result with you being charged more than you expected on the day.

Please let us know if you will require a video consultation when we book your appointment or simply send us a request for one by email with your mobile number and we will arrange for one of our senior barbers or stylists to call you.

We look forward to seeing you soon to get you looking fresh.

#StaySafe and don’t get caught out with bad hair – book your next appointment now