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When will i see you again?

Hello Gorgeous

When will i see you again?

When will I see you again?
When will we share precious moments?
Will I have to wait forever?
Will I have to suffer, and cry the whole night through?
When will I see you again?
When will our hearts beat together?
Are we in love or just Barber friends?
Is this my beginning? It’s certainly not the end…


The prospect of getting a fresh haircut is certainly now on the horizon, but we’re still a few weeks away.

In the last announcement, the Government confirmed that all none essential businesses were to re-open on 15th June, but this excludes personal care and hospitality businesses such as Barbershops, Beauty salons, Gyms, Health Clubs, Bars and Restaurants – which are to keep their doors closed until at least the 4th July.

With the above in mind, we are now taking active measures to ensure our Barbershop is Covid-19 ready – ready for the big day that so many of you are waiting for. The industry guidelines have still yet to be published, so we are still not 100% sure what these conditions will be and how this might affect and change our usual operating procedures. For instance, how many clients will be allowed in the shop at one time and what level of PPE will customers and staff be required to wear.

The question we are still being asked; 'When are you going to re-open?'

Since the most recent easing of lockdown, I’ve personally witnessed a wide variety of attitudes from the public regarding social distancing. Ultimately it is my responsibility to ensure our customers are made to feel comfortable in a safe environment when visiting our Barbershop. For those of you with a more laid back attitude towards the pandemic, I need to ensure you fully adhere to the new Covid-19 trading policies.

The Government has recently announced that face coverings should be worn on public transport as it is difficult to properly social distance in such an enclosed space. The Government already advise that people who visit shops should consider covering their mouth and nose based on advice from SAGE and it may be that this advice is escalated from ‘consider’ to something more definitive over the coming weeks. Either way, we will need to insist that you all adhere to whatever we require of you collectively.

Although we have not yet received any official guidelines, we know and understand the operational logistics of running a salon, so we have already considered a number of factors that will help make our operations Covid-19 safe and, as a business, how we will need to adapt in order to provide a safe environment for you all.

What are the initial changes likely to be?


  • Bookings will be strictly by appointment
  • Doors will remain closed, access via intercom
  • Bookings via online, telephone or email
  • Consultations via Facetime or WhatsApp
  • Hand santiser provided on arrival
  • Maximum of 2 waiting clients
  • Payments online or contactless
  • Barbers to wear PPE
  • Equipment and Barber stations to be disinfected on changeover


  • Offering of hot beverages to be suspended
  • Close contact facial treatments temporarily withdrawn
  • Washing of hair temporarily withdrawn
  • Controlled use of toilet facilities
  • Walk-in appointments not permitted
  • Shaking of hands and client socialising not permitted
  • 2-metre personal distance to be maintained where possible
  • Removal of shop magazines & newspapers
  • No partner or family waiting

Online payments and gift cards

Online payments and gift cards are still available through your online booking account. All online deposits and gift cards will automatically be assigned to your client account. You will also be able to log in to your online account to book an appointment and pay for your service upfront. This will help with social distancing as when you have finished with your appointment you can just leave the shop without needing to come into contact with our reception staff.

If you don’t already have an online account you can tap / click the button below. All you need to do is enter an email address and create a password.


How can I secure an ‘early bird’ booking?

Those customers that already had an appointment booked prior to lockdown will get first refusal and will be called and texted as soon as we are given the green light by the Government to re-open. For those of you that haven’t, please reply to this newsletter and we will put you on our standby list where you will be called with the first available appointment slot.

We will notify everybody as soon as our online booking app is back and available for use. This has been disabled for obvious reasons but you can still download it using the buttons below whilst on your smartphone.

Considering a Restyle? Book the right service…

Your hair is no doubt looking very different to your usual look. We’ve heard of many customers that have been attempting DIY haircuts at home during lockdown and that many of these now need of a major repair! Others like the way their hair has grown out, which has created an opportunity for a new style.

We will be offering a free consultation via Facetime or WhatsApp so you can let your barber know what your requirements will be prior to your appointment. This will also allow us to properly allocate the correct appointment length for you. Please note that a re-style appointment will be booked for 50 – 60 minutes and will carry an appropriate price adjustment.

If you believe your hair will be requiring a restyle and are planning on booking your next appointment online then please be sure to book the correct service by selecting the Re-style option and not the Esquire option, as this will only cause further delays for other customers and will result with you being charged more than you expected on the day.

Please let us know if you will require a video consultation when we book your appointment or simply send us a request for one by email with your mobile number and we will arrange for one of our senior barbers or stylists to call you.

We look forward to seeing you soon to get you looking fresh.

Stay safe