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Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

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We’re not just your average Barbershop

We’re not just your average Barbershop

Vintage beard and retro haircutAt The Valet London each member of the team of barbers carry over 10 years of experience in the trade. With a mix of hair styling and barbering skills, they produce some of the finest retro cuts and styles of today.

We select only quality barbers who extend their skills with us from the art of clipper grading to creative hair styling techniques and to be comfortable working with both short hair and with longer hair. To produce a perfect fashion haircut demanded by today’s styles requires not only to be able to grade and fade well with clippers, but also to cut and section well with scissors. Being able to style, texture and blow dry the hair are all key skills needed to produce a perfect retro cut.

Big at the Valet 50’s Retro Hairstyle

James Dean

The 1950’s retro cut has established itself as the ‘de rigueur’ trend at The Valet during 2014 and is certainly still in high demand. The hairstyle features tapered sides, where tapering can start from as low as a grade 0 up to a grade 3, and a full frontal quiff. We are also starting to see a slight trend change in GQ & Esquire models with this cut evolving into a textured cut to the top section. The cut still affords a lengthy top and tapered sides, but instead of a completely groomed quiff, there’s a more lengthy, chopped textured finish.

All retro cuts at The Valet are completed with a deep scalp conditioning treatment, applying a hair mask and hot towels. This follows a fully sectioned scissor cut and a blow dry, finished with Baxter of Californian Clay or Hair Cream. For that real vintage look why not grow out our beard services and get it styled and conditioned at the same time.

The Classic 30’s Taper

Classic Tapper

The Classic Taper is still on request but, with the lengthier trends taking over, we have started to see requests for this hair style wane. Nevertheless, we’re more than happy to still cater for Classic Taper requests. The Classic Taper is a tapered cut to the back and sides, blended seamlessly to finish with scissors for that perfect side-parting. We recommend the use of Baxter Of California styling cream for a really slick 30’s look.

The Joey Essex and The Fusey

Joey Essex Fusey haircut available at The Valet Croydon

TOWIE cuts for our younger audience are available upon request with the occasional call coming in at the front desk asking for a ‘Joey Essex’, who has modelled many styles. His more recent being the Fusey, featuring a 0.5 grade on the back and sides blended to a 1 with a prefect step cut into the lengthier top section. The Fusey is finished with a wash and blow dry and some Baxters styling cream.

The Classic Cut

The Classic Gent's Cut

The Classic Cut remains a traditional standard haircut at The Valet and accommodates a wide audience of our clientele. The Classic Gents Cut is still in high demand from our more discerning gents. So, yes, even though we’re all set up to respond to current trends, we’re still very much a traditional old-school outfit and love the Classic Cut!

GQ & Esquire Restyling

If you see and would like a hairstyle or haircut you notice in a copy of GQ or Esquire magazines then bring in a reference image, or email it to us in advance, and we will accommodate your needs. We have seen quite a rise in restyling, with men becoming more and more comfortable requesting a complete change in their look.

Hair washing

Please note that all hair washes at The Valet incorporate two washes, a deep hair conditioner, a scalp scrub and a hot towel with a hair tonic. We will then finish with a blow dry and some styling cream.

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