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Baxter of California

Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

Ultimate shaving guide

The Ultimate Shaving Guide at The Valet London

Real Italian shave

Proraso Products at The Valet London

The King of Beards at the Valet

Beard Grooming at The Valet, London

The King of Beards at the Valet

The resurgence in the popularity of the beard has necessitated additional services being made available at the Valet London to ensure your every need is met, and with this we can confidently say “We’re Beard Grooming Masters” which has put us on the map as one of London’s most highly respected Vintage Beard Grooming Barbershops!

A True Valet Beard Grooming Service


At the moment there is a dominant trend towards all things vintage when it comes to beard styles and these styles sit very comfortably alongside the retro cut. Being able to condition, style and maintain such a manly asset is an example of where The Valet stand out from the rest of the crowd. There’s no such thing as a simple beard trim at The Valet, as here we take time and pride in our ‘bearded clientele’, as Roy Brackpool discovers whilst taking an afternoon out at the Valet to get his Beard properly styled and groomed.

It’s all about vintage fashion – and so we’ve introduced the vintage deluxe beard treatment

This is a beard trimming service for the longer bearded gent that carries a deep conditioning treatment with steam, hot towels, geranium gel and beard oil.

Step 1: The beard is trimmed and shaped to the required length, along with some gentle shaping to take back the facial hair to the natural beard line. Tapering is applied to the sides to create a tapered & heavier frontal look with a moulded waxed ‘tache.

m_hayden_1120-240x180Step 2: The beard is then combed through to check for evenness with a cold blow dry, before gently pumping a moderate steam into the beard and massaging in the geranium gel to remove any impurities.

Step 3: The beard is then wrapped with two hot lemon scented towels to remove any grime, leaving a glossy and healthy looking beard.

Step 4: The neck & beard lines are finished with a razor for an extra clean look.

Step 5: The beard is gently blow dried through with cold air before working in a minted beard oil to finish with perfection.

The Captain’s Valet Deluxe Beard Treatment

Catering for the gent with a shorter beard, try ‘The Captain’s Valet’ Deluxe beard treatment. A classic beard trim that includes two hot lemon cologne-scented towels and a coat of Proraso pre shave cream, followed by hot lathers of menthol & eucalyptus shaving cream. The neck & beard lines are finished with a razor for an extra sharpe and detailed look. The beard shaping process includes a pre cream, a geranium facial massage and two hot towels enriched in Agua De Colonia lemon cologne. The face and beard are then conditioned with steam for a thorough cleansing treatment. We then finish off with a neat comb-through and a cold blow-dry before applying The Valet London Sandalwood herbal beard oil.


For Director level beard treatments ask for David, the Beard Doctor when making your booking.

The Designer Stubble Beard Treatment

Following an application of Proraso shaving cream to the neck and beard line, we undertake an open razor shave to finish off the shape of your beard with utter precision, leaving only crisp straight lines and no visible stubble. You will then receive an application of Proraso cutting edge razor lotion massaged into the shaved area to fully replenish your skin, followed by an aromatic blended oil massaged into the stubble for an extra healthy shine. This will leave your beard looking well groomed and give you the feeling of it being totally cleansed.

“How’s that for you Sir?”


Beard treatments can also be combined with a ‘Californian Service‘ to incorporate an extra three hot towels and our famous ‘Baxter of California’ facial to further cleanse the rest of your face. See pricing for our facial and hot towel treatments.