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Baxter of California

Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

Ultimate shaving guide

The Ultimate Shaving Guide at The Valet London

Real Italian shave

Proraso Products at The Valet London



A selection of Swedish & Aroma blended massage tailored for your mood to experience in our treatment rooms directly behind the Barbershop.

  • Head, Face & Hand Massage£30.00
    • A stimulating perfect pick me up, an express massage that will fit easily into your day.
    • Treatment time (30 mins.)
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  • Swedish Back, Neck & Shoulders £35.00
    • For those with less time, this effective massage concentrates on the key areas where stress is held. Using blended oils to benefit your mood & skin type.
    • Treatment time (30 mins.)
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  • Swedish Full Body Massage£60.00
    • Performed using oils to suit your individual skin type, this treatment is the ultimate in relaxation. Includes hands, feet and face to ease you into a deep sense of well-being, using a selection of blended oils to suit the client’s needs.
    • Treatment time (60 mins.)
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  • Executive Combination Treatment £75.00
    • A luxurious treatment combining back, neck and shoulder massage with a facial and scalp treatment. This wonderfully relaxing combination helps relieve stress and tension whilst cleansing and hydrating the skin.
    • Treatment time (60 mins.)
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Experience a specialised type of massage using a variety of techniques and processes that work deeper into the body parts. Ideal for cleansing, circulation and deep tissue results.

  • Hot Stone Massage £60.00
    • A relaxing massage using heated volcanic and cooled river stones. These are placed on the body and used in the massage process. This enables a deeper soothing massage particularly in areas of stubborn tension and stress.
    • Treatment time (60 mins.)
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  • Indian Head Massage £35.00
    • A seated or prone massage treatment. It is used to alleviate stress and tension. It helps to calm, relax, aid circulation, memory, concentration and promote a balanced sleep pattern, with or without oils. (Coconut Oil recommended)
    • Treatment time (30 mins.)
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  • Sports Massage£65.00
    • A thorough and vigorous massage identifying and working deeply into problem muscular skeletal areas of the body. Ideal for those regularly exercising or keen participants of sports. Also useful as a pre and post event treatment. Great after a solid workout.
    • Treatment time (60 mins) 
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  • Auricular Hopi Candles£35.00
    • Involves the insertion of a lit paper candle into the outer ear, which is continuously monitored by the practitioner. The treatment encourages the clearance of the upper respiratory tract and is beneficial for colds, ear infections, sinus clearance and general detoxification. Completed with relaxing or stimulating face and head massage. Works a treat
    • Treatment time (30 mins)
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A selection of deep cleansing facials carried out on a couch in our treatment room, combined with massage. Ideal when seeking an experience of total calmness. Alternatively, see our Barbershop facials that are carried out in the shop.

  • Dharma Facial Drainage£35.00
    • An intensive facial treatment, working on stabilising and invigorating the muscles of the face, chin and neck, using an Aloe Vera gel and Geranium facial balm. Used for specific muscular tensions, detoxification and relaxation. Also known as ‘the non surgical face-lift’.
    • Treatment time (45 mins.)
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  • Aromassage Facial Massage£30.00
    • The relaxing aromatic facial uses aromatherapy oils in a massage to the entire face. From your hairline to neckline, your therapist will ensure you are soothed and relaxed, filling your skin with renewed energy.
    • Treatment time (35 mins.)
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  • Express Cleansing Facial£35.00
    • This holistic treatment is essential for improving the skin’s tone and appearance. Incorporating the relaxing back diagnostic massage, it offers deep cleansing and exfoliation to combat daily aggression’s such as shaving. This includes the application of aromatic products and a multi-vitamin mask to hydrate and revitalise the skin, leaving the complexion refined and totally refreshed.
    • Treatment time  (45 mins.)
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  • Deeply Energising Facial £45.00
    • This tension relieving aromatherapy treatment can be individually tailored to meet the needs of all skin types. Combining massages to the face, neck and shoulders with high performance products and a face mask application, selected to suit your skin type.
    • Treatment time (55 mins.)
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For the true Alpha Male seeking an immaculate and polished look, or simply looking to say thank you to his feet for carrying him.

  • The Valet Foot & Nail Grooming £26.00
    • A relaxing foot soak, gentle exfoliation, nail and cuticle tidy. Foot and lower leg massage to help ease any aches and pains. Completing the treatment with either a buff or clear matt polish. For a deluxe treatment with hot mitts and nourishing products, add £6 and 10 minutes.
    • Treatment time (30 mins.)
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  • The Valet Hand & Nail Grooming £25.00
    • A manicure designed just for men where your therapist will file and shape the nails, soften and trim the cuticles, applying a massage to relax and ease aches & pains in the tendons and fingers. Finished off with either a buff or a clear matt polish. For a deluxe treatment, with hot mitts and nourishing products, add £6 and 10 minutes.
    • Treatment time (35 mins.)
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