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The new style that you’ll need to grow into

The new style that you’ll need to grow into

We’re seeing change quite rapidly at the Valet with the decade’s Retro – David Beckham slick-back, James Dean Pompadour with a Military taper fade out, quite literally, and so goes the 1930’s classic taper with a definite side parting.

As quoted by a leading men’s fashion blog GQ…

The recession is over and so men start to loosen up.

Seems now its all about a more relaxed natural side parting, with lengthier sides, but a style that’s been finely cut and trimmed, is the new look on the block. This latest style is sober enough for the office, but can also be pulled off well when in that relaxed ” it’s Friday state of mind” keeping it trim for the office and above the collar, but textured enough to step out the office door and apply a quick ruffle to jump in the nearest bar looking like the perfect Alpha Male!

Ryan GoslingFor those who are still asking their BARBER to skin fade, or apply a low taper, you’ll now need to consider a slight regeneration of hair to the sides and back in order to keep up, in fear of not being left looking like the dude who’s way behind with the times! All that’s required with the transformation from Don Draper to the Gent – is to simply let the sides grow out now, and to ask your Barber to blend the back and sides with precession and texture (a scissor over comb technique only mastered by the elite of Barbers) being careful not to taper anything off the bottom (absolutely no clippers here guys) you will also need to keep any weight to the rest of the head in check, and with regular overhauls, by frequent visits to your Barbershop, of three to four weeks, you’ll be sure to have developed this new look within 3 to 4 visits maximum. The clay can go back in the ground, as it’s now time for a nice soft cream or slick pomade to carry this style with absolute perfection.

Approach with caution

For the vast majority of professional Barbershops you should experience absolutely no difficulty at all in getting this style carried out exactly how it should be cut and finished, but a small thing to look out for are Barbers that may encourage you to let them use clippers, it’s the oldest Penny Barbershop trick in the book that results a quick turnaround approach, which would be totally understandable of course if you’re only paying a Tenner for a cut! You should also look out for signs of reluctance by your Barber not wanting to work with scissors, as this is a complete show stopper! So be warned, don’t fall fowl of expecting a Barber with any less experience to help you achieve this look – as you’ll will be sure to “jog on Si” with a boot camp buzz and the reality of having to continue life looking like Don Draper.

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