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Baxter Facial Products at The Valet London

Seeking a bit of luxury and relaxation? Try our Baxter of California, hot towel treatment.

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At the Valet London we understand the importance of being able to offer a full range of male grooming services in a masculine environment, and so we’ve created the wax couch. Situated in a private room, you’ll receive a comprehensive menu of wax treatments. After your Barbershop experience, why not book an appointment for all your body waxing needs.

Products & Equipment

The Wax Couch provides a clinical, yet comfortable and masculine environment that’s been kitted out with quality equipment and products for your hygiene and well-being. We understand the business of waxing is not one to be taken lightly, and with this comes the use of quality ingredients to insure your comfort, together with the best possible results.

Body Waxing

From a complete body hair removal service, or limiting this to the back & shoulders, chest, legs, arms, or under arm, experienced technicians will apply their techniques using only the the best quality wax and strips, to render your experience as pain free as possible. Together with use of quality equipment, therapists are able to perform your treatment with complete ease. Aftercare is an all important factor, where your service is completed with a soothing cleanser and an Aloe-Vera post wax gel or lotion.

Eye Brows

Eye brows waxed with a cream wax and cloth strips to provide a naturally shaped brow. Completed with an after care solution to ensure and an irritable free experience. Experienced technicians will apply their techniques using only the the best quality wax and strips, resulting in a complete natural finish.

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    Guaranteed Hygiene & Comfort

    Using quality equipment and applicator products, we guarantee your well-being is at the forefront of our mind.

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    Guaranteed Experience

    With a qualified and experienced team of technicians, we can guarantee your comfort and satisfaction.

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    Guaranteed Standards

    With integral rooms designed to provide privacy and a masculine setting, we guarantee you wont be disappointed with our standards.

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    Guaranteed Customer Service

    With a well thought-out business model, we guarantee you'll leave with a smile on your face.


Year on year we continue to improve our standards


Rest assured the wax technician will strip you bare



Wax Technician

Kat loves waxing, and says this is a fine art that she really enjoys working on.

Pricing for Body Waxing

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